Key Thrusts

Nine key thrusts have been identified in this third Corporate Strategic Plan in response to the Vision, Mission and the outcomes of the internal and external scans. Through these thrusts, the University seeks to transform itself and to promote its niche areas to achieve competitive advantage. The key thrusts are:

  1. Promote active and reflective teaching and learning environment that seeks to improve students' life and produce graduates with strong ethics and commitment to society.
  2. Strengthen and improve ICT infrastructure and facilities that enhance usability.
  3. Improve upon physical infrastructure and municipal services that support conducive working and learning environment.
  4. Attract, recruit, develop and retain high calibre and motivated staff who are innovative and globally competitive.
  5. Strengthen research capacity and output to position the University as a centre of excellence.
  6. Embark on internationalisation drive that seeks to enhance the visibility of the University.
  7. Improve revenue generation and enforce fiscal discipline to achieve operational and financial sustainability.
  8. Improve upon institutional governance system that provides leadership for equal opportunity, teamwork, efficiency, discipline and commitment.
  9. Create an organisation capable of continuously learning, transforming itself and responding to change.

Action Plans and Responsibilities

In operationalising the strategic thrusts, the plan adopts a matrix approach with each of the thrusts broken down into specific actions. These key actions indicate the activities that need to be pursued under each of the strategic thrusts to achieve the targets of the Plan. To ensure accountability and control, the Plan identifies office holder(s), as well as the primary and secondary implementers for each key action. Targets/performance indicators outline the expected outcomes for each of the key actions, and with the time frames, provide the markers for monitoring and timely implementation of activities. By focusing on achieving the targets, management will be able to measure progress towards achieving the strategic objectives of the institution.

Responsibility for oversight of the execution of the Plan is assigned to the Vice Chancellor, and in some cases, with the Registrar. These two offices have the overall responsibility to ensure effective management of the process. The matrix for implementing the thrusts are detailed in Appendix 1.