This Corporate Strategic Plan is to guide all developments in the University for the next five years. Any interventions – projects, initiatives, academic programmes etc. - should align with the relevant strategic thrust. As part of the process, it is expected that the annual budgets within the period will be based on the key actions and activities in the Strategic Plan for that year.

Implementing the Strategies

The Plan identifies three layers of officials in the implementation process. These are the responsible office, the primary and secondary implementers.
This section outlines the structures for the implementation.


Implementing Bodies

Three categories of implementing offices have been identified. These are the holder, primary and secondary implementers.


The overall holder of the Corporate Strategic Plan shall be the Vice-Chancellor, in collaboration with the Registrar. These two are the main office bearers with the mandate to administer the University. The holder shall be assisted by the focal person at the Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance (DAPQA).

Primary and Secondary Implementers

The next category is the Primary Implementer(s). This category of officers will be responsible for initiating and/or Implementing the key actions identified in the thrusts. The Primary Implementers will be assisted by Secondary Implementers. The identified offices will lead the implementation process within their units.

Office of Strategy Management

For the implementation of the Plan, the University shall have a focal person to run the Office of Strategy Management. The Office shall:

  1. Liaise with Management to ensure that all actions of the University align with the objectives and key thrusts in the Plan;
  2. Monitor and provide quarterly reports to management on the implementation of the Plan
  3. Build an information management system to track outcomes of the Plan
  4. Facilitate an independent mid-period review of the Plan
  5. Facilitate an independent end-of period review
  6. Undertake any other responsibility associated with the Plan which will be identified by the Holder.

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

There shall be a sub-committee of the Planning and Resources Committee to be responsible for the implementation of the Plan. The sub-committee shall consist of:

  • The most senior Provost (Chairman)
  • Deputy Director of Finance
  • The Schedule Officer (i.e. the focal person) for Strategic Plan Implementation (Member/Secretary)

The sub-committee shall report to the Planning and Resources Committee through the Vice-Chancellor.

Colleges and Directorates

Each College and Directorate shall develop its strategic plan based on the Corporate Strategic Plan. At the College level, the Provost shall be the holder of the Plan while within the Directorates, the Director shall be the holder. Within each unit, primary and secondary implementers will be identified to assist the office holder implement the Plan.

Implementation Committee

Every College or Directorate shall establish an Implementation Committee to oversee the implementation of the Plan. The Committee shall consist of the following:

  • Provost/Director
  • Deans/Heads
  • College/Directorate Registrar/Officer as Member/Secretary  
  • College/Directorate Finance Officer.

Students Affairs

The Office of the Dean of Students shall set up an Implementation Committee to be responsible for the implementation of key actions and activities which directly or indirectly relate to students.

The Committee shall consist of the following:

  • Vice-Dean of Students (Chairman)
  • President of Graduate Students' Association of Ghana (GRASAG)
  • President of the Students' Representative Council (SRC)
  • Administrator at the Office of the Dean (as Secretary)

The sub-committee shall submit its reports to the DAPQA through the Office of Strategy Management for onward transmission to the Vice-Chancellor.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Implementation Committees at the various levels will be responsible for the planning and implementation of activities under the Plan. The Planning and Resources Committee of Academic Board will be the body to superintend the implementation of the Plan at the University level.

Schedules for Monitoring

The following schedules for monitoring shall be followed:

  • Quarterly reports from the various entities to be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor through the Office of Strategy Management.
  • All entities shall conduct annual Assessment of their Plan. The assessment report shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor through the Office of Strategy Management. The reports shall eventually be submitted to the Planning and Resources Committee.
  • Mid-period review of implementation: This shall be conducted in the middle of 2020 by an independent body.
  • End of period evaluation: This shall be conducted by an independent body in the last quarter of 2021. The outcome of the evaluation shall feed into the development of the next plan.

Outcomes of the various reviews and assessment should be made publicly available and fed into the on-going Plan as well as the subsequent one.