College of Distance Education [CoDE]

College of Education Studies [CES]

The College of Distance Education (CoDE) was created in 1st August,2014 out of the  Centre for Continuing Education which was established in 1997. The CoDE is an affiliated member of the West African Distance Education Association (WADEA). CoDE, apart from being a sub vented sector of the Ministry of Education, maintains active collegial relationship with the sister universities in Ghana and Simon Fraser University of Canada.

CoDE has been established, primarily, to:

  • Provide opportunities for people to pursue higher education;
  • Train more professional teachers for all levels of Education in the Ghana Education Service (GES);
  • Train high caliber personnel for national development;
  • Raise the professional competence of serving teachers and personnel of the Ghana Education Service, as well as accounting and secretarial personnel in civil/public service, commerce and industry through Continuing Education.
  • Provide opportunities for applicants who, even though qualify for admission, fail to enter the University due to constraints in physical facilities.


Its Focus

The main focus of CoDE, currently, is directed at:

  • Mounting distance education programme in Basic Education leading to the award of Diploma, Post-Diploma Degree and Master’s Degree;
  • Limiting the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) programme, initially, to serving teachers in the Ghana Education Service, such as certificate ‘A’, Pupil Teachers and specialists;
  • Mounting all the other viable academic programmes in the University, especially B.Com and Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) on distance.
  • Using the multi-media mode of delivery for its distance education – print, audio cassettes, video cassettes, radio broadcast; television, etc.
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